Magna Education is a private tuition centre that aims to establish a Mandarin Chinese Language training in London in response to  the increasing worldwide demand to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese for business, social and travel purposes.

The centre is the sole proprietorship of Guannan Chen, a qualified Mandarin teacher.The centre is located in central London, near Old Street Station, and will initially offer a series of courses in Mandarin catering for children and adults of any level and background.


We offer a wide range of classes, which focus on helping  students grasp the  basic concepts they will need to make rapid progress in Mandarin Chinese Language. 


Students who complete our courses are able to communicate with Chinese and make successful deals with Chinese customers. Furthermore,  students have travelled to China and worked with Chinese companies and managed to communicate fluently in Mandarin Chinese language. Magna Education accepts all students regardless of ability or starting grades.


With the growing competition for jobs and economic trend, Mandarin Chinese Language is becoming essential for a young person's future.




Magna Education’s course structure will focus on group courses, tailored one-to-one courses, and business courses so that effective learning and guidance can be achieved. Smaller two-four or four-six courses can follow according  to demand  where a  higher demand courses will be popular, and more rapid progress should  follow. Our intensive courses will achieve each level in only 5 weeks.

Magna Education Mandarin Chinese Language Training Centre uses its own teaching method to ensure any participating student achieves their Mandarin Chinese language study purposes.


Different level courses will be designed so as to cater for the expected wide variation in new student ability and to ensure they join the most appropriate level an initial assessment will take place. 


A fundamental difference between existing Mandarin Chinese language teaching methods and Magna’s will be a much stronger connection with the Chinese culture and Chinese daily conversation so that the learning is  completed in an environment with a context thus delivering a unique learning experience.


Our courses teach students all of the Chinese language teaching material and daily use needed for the student specific purpose. We also create a speaking environment to give more oppotunity to talk in Mandarin Chinese Language in London. We believe that each student has the right to succeed, that is why we support our students in all areas including cultural difference, visa application, business related problems. For details of courses and prices, please go to courses page or contact us.


There are more and more jobs required Mandarin Chinese speaking, and competition advantage is the Mandarin Chinese language. It is never too late to study this powerful Mandarin Chinese language. We believe that every student can speak Mandarin Chinese, even if it is not their mother tongue language. 


Our courses have been designed by highly qualified teachers who have over ten years teaching experience in China, America, and the UK. Our teachers all hold full DBS certificates and First Aid qualifications.



There is no short cut to study Mandarin Chinese language, except for practicing. It is said that if you were studying Mandarin Chinese in China, you can learn it in serveral months. However in London you rarely find an oppotunity to speak Mandarin Chinese.


The fear of Mandarin Chinese study is seen from all levels students. The tones, characters, sentence structure seems like a daunting challenge with lack of speaking and listening practice becoming a cause of concern for the learners.


There are several reasons why a certain section of students struggle with Mandarin Chinese Language and give up at the first level.


As a result of all above, Mandarin Chinese Language study has emerged as a viable option in London,  the UK, and the Whole world. It is only natural that such students require additional help, time and guidance. Our teachers will focus on each student in the classroom. We design individual study plans based on student's language level and  purpose. We have two exams in each level; mid-term and end-of-term exams. The students will not move to the next level until they pass all exams. They have the chance to go back to the previous level and repeat to study free of charge.


There are also some stiff teaching methods used by unexperienced teachers to damage Mandarin learners' insprits. Chances are that you have booked some private Mandarin Chinese courses, but you never catch up to their study program and finally you choose to give up the course. Or you had a group lesson, but the teacher never paid attention to you if you are not the best student in the classroom. Magna Education Mandarin Chinese Training Centre will focus on students' achievement instead of study schedule. When you are not confident about your study, you have the oppotunity to study again.





A student who takes our courses will benefit from:

1. 100% satisfaction rate guarantee.

2. Individual study plan.

3. Pre-assessment taken to calrify students' levels.

4. Two exams per level to monitor students' performance. 

5. Flexible timetable throughout the year to fit around learners’ schedules.

6. FREE Catch up lessons.

7. Learning materials with Magna Education Mandarin Chinese Language Training Centre.

8. Increase confidence with Mandarin Chinese Language.

9. Being taught by highly experienced and qualified native teachers and teaching assistant.

10. Indoor and outdoor cultural activities to enhance understanding of Mandarin Chinese language and cultures.