After School Mandarin Club

Mandarin is now on the school curriculum, with more and more students starting to learn this foreign 

language from a young age. China’s growing economy brings huge business opportunities for Britain and it is vital that more of our young people can speak Mandarin.  Pupils in the UK will highly benefit from early Mandarin education and we are aiming to introduce 'the language of the future' into schools today. 


We are enthusiastic to introduce your school to our fun and easy Mandarin lessons specially designed for  school pupils by our professional teaching team. 

After School  Care

   After School Care is new service for parents who are busy on the job. What will be included:

1. Our staff will pick up your child/children from school in Hammersmith area

2. We take care your child/children until you come to pick up before 7pm

3. Your child/children can read all the books (around 2000 books in English and Mandarin, Maths) in the school.

4. Our teacher can set up homework time, play time, movie and game time based on your requirement.


Pick up (£10 per hour)

Caring (£5 per hour)


You need to send email via to book a slot 48 hours in advance. Minimum 2 days a week.